About Reiki, Aromatherapy and My Practice

Reiki & Aromatherapy

Reiki and Aromatherapy are wonderful gifts.

I have been practicing Reiki for almost 25 years and self-Reiki is part of my daily life. It has been an amazing tool for personal and spiritual growth for me as a Practitioner and as a human being. I have seen a lot of transformation, not only in myself and in those close to me; also, in clients who are seeking spiritual tools to help them navigate life or a particular situation. Reiki is a gentle, loving energy that works only for the highest good. Reiki can be used for goals, and I work with some clients in this way. The possibilities are limitless. I feel like I grow in my practice as I continue to do daily self-Reiki and have the privilege of doing distance Reiki with clients.

I use essential oils (EOs) in my daily life. And I use them in many different ways. Some examples are in blends for muscular aches & pains, easing digestion, creating an uplifted mood or a focused mind. EOs are great for cleaning because many of the oils have antibacterial properties. I enjoy teaching clients about how essential oils can enhance their lives on many different levels.

I feel blessed to have these tools in my life and in my wellness toolbox. Also, I am equally blessed to be able to work with clients doing distance Reiki and sharing knowledge and access to therapeutic essential oils.

Affirmations & Mantras

I offer the use of affirmations and mantras in the Reiki session. They can help focus the mind and energy in a particular direction or for a specific intention. The affirmation or mantra can help bring energy to help a client with whatever is manifesting in their life, a specific situation or in cultivating a quality of mind and spirit. I will write some affirmations that clients can choose from based on what we discuss that they would like to work on. If a client wants to work on being more loving, kind, compassionate or forgiving, we can use an affirmation or mantra that speaks to that. Many people like this possibility because it can add depth to the Reiki session.

Sound Healing

I offer some suggestions for open-source sound healing music that clients can listen to during their Reiki session, if they would like to do that. And I can send these links via email. On my end, I choose specific sound healing music around what we chat about before a session. I believe that sound healing can help focus the session for the client and also on a practitioner’s end. And it brings in extra energy.


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“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you” ~ Rumi