Distance Reiki & Essential Oils


Distance Reiki Sessions

Life Force Reiki and Aromatherapy offers distance Reiki sessions where a client can experience Reiki from the privacy and comfort of their own home. Distance Reiki works very deeply. I have done many distance sessions over the years. And I work in much the same way that I would if a client and I were in the same room. Calling in a client’s thought form, I proceed with the session as I would if we were in person. The physical distance between a practitioner and a client is unimportant as distance is a nonissue. Imagine a radio signal that comes into your phone or your car stereo without your seeing it. It works!

Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki means universal life force energy. It is a calming, nurturing, healing energy. It is also the technique of working hands-on, above the body or via distance as a conduit for the life force energy. The Reiki energy works on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

What Reiki can do

Reiki helps to balance cells, and Reiki helps cells work more optimally. Oftentimes, a client will report feelings of peace, groundedness, and deep relaxation. Also, Reiki helps to boost the immune system and assists in healing, stress relief and well-being. So, whether you seek a more relaxed state or a more grounded or spiritual place within, Reiki can help. And, if you want to feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally, Reiki is a great complimentary tool for your self-care.

Also, it is a wonderful spiritual practice and tool for personal growth. Reiki continues to be widely adopted as a complimentary health care tool in health care settings to promote relaxation before procedures or to help in healing afterwards.

Essential oils

I am an aromatherapist and I work with therapeutic grade essential oils. Therapeutic aromatherapy is the use of pure and genuine essential oils to enhance wellness on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. I teach people about how essential oils can enhance health, well-being, and life. Essential oils (EOs) can be used in many different ways. Some examples are blending them in a carrier oil and using them in a massage oil for muscular relief or to help enhance your immune system. Oils in a diffuser can help create ambiance and they can also elevate your mood and ease stress and anxiety. EOs can contribute to your health & wellness in positive ways. They are potent chemicals, and more is not always better. Take the time to learn about the oils. If interested, please contact me at [email protected].

I look forward to having the privilege of working with you. Namaste

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”  ~ Rumi