Distance Reiki by appointment

Life Force Reiki and Aromatherapy

Reiki means universal life force energy. It is an energy technique whereby a practitioner transmits universal life force energy to the recipient, either in person, while the client rests, clothed, on a Reiki table or via distance Reiki. The Reiki energy helps balance the cells and helps bring one into a deep state of relaxation where healing can take place. It is a wonderful gift to yourself or others.

I offer distance Reiki sessions which work very deeply. I recommend that you set aside an hour so that you can relax during your session. While this is not required, as you can receive and benefit from Reiki even if you are experiencing a busy day, it can help enhance your session and allow you to go deeper into relaxation with intention. Please contact me via the contact page on this website or at either [email protected] or at (508) 737-1384 to make an appointment.

I look forward to having the privilege of working with you. Namaste.