With the weight of everything that is occuring in the world, I want to contribute in some way to empowering us to stand in our power and strength and to have great Faith and love, I hope you can reach deep into your heart and soul and find the best in you, and also see the best in your family, your friends, neighbors, colleagues and all those we don’t know, yet. May we inspire one another with our peace, our groundedness, our patience and kindness, compassion and forgiveness. May we support and find support in all whom we meet, embracing our humanity with gentleness and hope.

Whatever your practice is, and for me its meditation, Reiki, prayer and some other stuff…whether you pray or do healing or yoga or send good thoughts or good vibes or good juju, I invite you to join your good intentions with those of all the other human beings around the globe, thus making them stronger, and sending them out with great love for the highest good of all. Now more than ever it is evident that we are ALL, indeed, traveling in the same boat. Love & prayers to all – Pauline

“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you”       ~ Rumi