Welcome to LIFE FORCE REIKI AND AROMATHERAPY, located in Quincy, Massachusetts!

If you’ve experienced Reiki or aromatherapy, you know how wonderful these modalities are.  They assist in healing, stress relief and bringing you back to yourself.  And, they can also take you to new places you’ve wanted to go.  Because whether you are seeking  a more relaxed state, a more grounded or spiritual place within, or a place where you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally, Reiki and aromatherapy can help.

I love combining these two healing modalities and it is my intention to help you enhance your wellness and well-being on all levels.  And I also introduce you to some new tools to add to your wellness toolbox.  I look forward to having the privilege of working with you.  Namaste, Pauline

“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you”       ~ Rumi


My office is a SYNTHETIC CHEMICAL and FRAGRANCE FREE space.  I, as well as many of my clients, am sensitive to synthetic perfumes and strong fragrances, including hair sprays, scented lotions, body washes and scented laundry and dryer fragrances. Please refrain from wearing fragrances and perfumes on the day of your visit.   Thank you.